Military Equipment Denmark A/S
Virkelyst 1-3
DK-4420 Regstrup


+45 5943 0300
+45 5943 0310



Over the past years, Military Equipment Denmark A/S has been expanding in order to secure a wide and strong platform for its operations.
The group now comprises the following companies:

Military Equipment Denmark A/S (parent)

Leif Braae

Chairman of the board

Peter M. S. Jensen

Managing Director

Anne R. S. Jensen


Mogens R. Mogensen

Sales Manager

Klaus Teglstrup

Key Account Manager

Jacob Broch

Key Account Manager

Thomas T. Kirkegaard

Technical Manager

Heino Jensen




M.E.D. Maskinfabrik A/S (fully owned Danish subsidiary)



M.E.D. Gitto ApS (50% owned Danish subsidiary)

Thomas Mortensen


Braae Trading AB (100% owned Swedish subsidiary)

Leif Braae

Managing Director

United Military Services A/S

(joint venture)

FWW Fahrzeugwerk GmbH
Dommerby Stål A/S
Military Equipment Denmark A/S
Rubtec A/S


Key Figures:

No. of Employees:

  • Military Equipment Denmark A/S
  • M.E.D. Maskinfabrik A/S

11 people
  1 people


  • Headquarters in Denmark
  • Production in Denmark
  • Braae Trading AB in Sweden

approx. 550/6,000 m²
approx. 2,800/12,000 m²
approx. 150/5,500 m²