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Own Products

MED’s own production:


Shooting Range Equipment
We specialize in shooting range equipment such as acoustic and autonomous, mobile targets.
We offer solutions for use in the sea and on land, undertaking installation, maintenance as well as service.


Environmental Bullet Catchers
Our bullet catcher model offers optimum environmental protection. The bullet catcher contains recycled rubber granulates which prevent emission of toxic substances to the groundwater.


Environmental Ballistic Constructions
We offer anti-ricochet ballistic constructions containing recycled rubber granulates which capture the projectiles and prevent emission of toxic substances to the groundwater.


Hydraulic Target Lifting System
We offer a top quality hydraulic target lifting system. The ideal solution for all types of acoustic precision targets.


Mobile Targets
We offer mobile targets for infantry and tank practice.


We offer all types of target prints and silhouettes.


We offer to test and develop tailor-made electronic solutions, such as cable boxes and communication solutions for shooting range equipment.


Turnkey Shooting Ranges, Complete with Anti-ricochet Measures
We offer advisory services in connection with both building and safe construction of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, including ballistic protection. Contact us to discuss new facilities and refurbishment projects.


Product Development
We offer advice on and to develop solutions that meet specific wishes, ideas or needs for shooting ranges. For further details, see under 'Services'.