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Military Equipment Denmark A/S acts as distributor for the following suppliers:

CRD Protection
CRD offers products and services for riot control, crowd management and object protection.
CRD has representations in more than 13 countries all over the world and delivers to defense units, police forces and private enterprises, among others.
CRD is headquartered in Umeaa, Sweden.

CRD Protection
One of CRD’s main products is the unique cordoning solution TACRION® (Tactical Riot Net). TACRION's high force absorption combined with its low weight, compact design and fast deployment makes it a highly effective solution for perimeter protection. TACRION is a very flexible fencing solution that easily adapts to suit specific customer needs.

FLAIRMO is a Scandinavian distributor of compressors and vacuum pumps from DÜRR Technik, HIBLOW linear pumps and EKOM dental and medical compressors.
FLAIRMO has its headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.

FLAIRMO also has an in-house production of low-noise compressors and is a Condor distributor, the world's leading supplier of pressure switches, level switches and pressure transducers.
In addition to this FLAIRMO specializes in the construction of tailor-made compressors for specific jobs, for example armoured vehicles, medical aids etc.

Kongsberg Target Systems AS
Kongsberg Target Systems develops, produces and delivers systems and turnkey solutions for electronic shooting ranges and laser simulation for use in both live and simulating shooting, for sports, hunting, defense and police/protective purposes, and in more than 25 countries.
Kongsberg is located in Heistadmoen, Norway.

Kongsberg Target Systems AS
Kongsberg's product range comprises electronic targets for different ranges and weather conditions, monitors mounted in impact proof, waterproof boxes, communications equipment with software etc.

STAPP Investment AB
STAPP Investment AB designs, develops, installs and maintains the patented STAPP environmental bullet catchers. Patents for this system and its unique technology have currently been taken out in 17 countries. So far the armed forces in Denmark and Sweden have acquired more than 180 of these systems.
STAPP AB is located in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

STAPP Investment AB
The unique environmental bullet catcher from STAPP is designed for outdoor use and can be used all year. However, indoor ranges can also benefit from using it.
The system is capable of handling more than 30,000 projectiles hitting a 60x60cm target, and the system can handle all types of ammunition up to caliber 12mm and is 100% anti-ricochet solution suitable for all kinds of weather.

Environmentally Safe System - No Lead Pollution of Shooting Ranges
All toxic chemicals such as lead are safely caught by this environmentally safe solution, and evacuation or removal can be undertaken with no risk whatsoever of discharge to nature. As an added bonus the system is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Trifidtech Inc.
Trifidtech produces NiCad battery chargers for military and commercial purposes and applications, such as back-up for aircraft engines, starters for vehicles and electronic devices.

Trifidtech Inc.
The powerful Trifidtech NiCad battery chargers are designed and adapted to suit customer needs and wishes. The versatile user interface allows remote charging of batteries through any public or private computer networks.


REBS (Rapid boarding and entering systems) is one of the world's leading providers of equipment for boarding and entering equipment. The REBS portfolio includes gear that is specially designed for both maritime and urban use. Key products are ladders, hooks, telescopic (manual/windup/pneumatic) poles and pneumatic grapnel launchers, but they provide other products for special operations as well.

REBS gear is mainly delivered to special forces, but also regularly to police forces and emergency units.

REBS is headquartered in Tønsberg, Norway, however REBS is represented in many countries all over the world including Denmark.



BSW manufactures gym flooring, safety flooring and moulded parts from factory bonded polyurethane rubber granules. BSW is a global operator, with approximately 500 employees and a network of retailers, our own sales offices and subsidiaries. BSW is located in Bad Berleburg, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.    

Regupol® safety flooring for shooting ranges
The shooting range safety elements and flooring made of the elastic material Regupol® provide optimum protection from ricochets, rebounds and bullet fragmentation. The Regupol® safety elements were specially developed for installation in shooting ranges for the police, the armed forces, security services, shooting clubs and hunters. They absorb projectiles of all types and calibres and are extremely resilient, even under intensive use. In addition, special constructions can also be designed to guarantee safety for special operations training.