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Besides being a worldwide adviser, Military Equipment Denmark A/S (MED) delivers products and services to customers all over the world - to the public as well as the civilian defense and security markets. We produce and sell a wide range of products – mostly to shooting ranges – we act as agents for several products, and we are distributors for a series of suppliers. This allows us to be able to supply practically any item for security purposes and defense equipment.



MED's agencies comprise the following products:


Vehicles protection


Weapons & ammunition




Protective fencing (military and civilian)



Laser dueling systems, simulation systems, camouflage systems




Ammunition disposal


Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)


Person protection


Ammunition and long guns


MED distributes the following products:



Protective fencing (for public) camouflage systems


Military compressors


Precision targets


Environmental bullet catchers


Battery chargers

Safety flooring for shooting ranges

Marathon Targets makes autonomous robotic targets for live-fire marksmanship training. This unique system is designed to prepare the warfighter for the realities of combat by providing realistic target appearance, motion, and behaviour during training.

Marathon target systems are in active use by Special Forces, regular Infantry, and law enforcement units around the world

Own Products:

MED's own production:

  • Shooting range equipment
  • Environmental bullet catchers
  • Environmental ballistic constructions
  • Hydraulic target lifting system
  • Mobile targets
  • All types of targets
  • Anti-ricochet protection
  • Shooting range safety
  • Shooting range turnkey solutions
  • Electronics

MED product development:

We make our expertise available to our customers and offer advisory service through the entire process - from conceptual stage to prototype and fully fledged production. We also offer to develop tailor-made solutions to address specific requests, ideas or needs.
For further information see "Product Development".