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Military Equipment Denmark A/S' agencies comprise the following:

Armatec Survivability 
Armatec Survivability develops, produces and provides protective solutions for a wide range of armoured vehicles for the armed forces all over the world. Armatec has more than 250 employees and is headquartered in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.

Armatec Survivability
Armatec's holistic survivability solutions for both wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles provide military forces with powerful improvement of their survivability. Ever since its inception in 1997 Armatec's distinctive development philosophy has delivered significant and improved crew protection and vehicle survivability without compromising the mission effectiveness or the sustainability of the vehicles.

Orbital ATK Inc. - Weapons and Ammunition
Orbital ATK is the leading supplier of ammunition, precision weapons, missile warning systems and tactic rocket engines plus air, marine and land-based systems.

Orbital ATK
Orbital ATK is the largest US producer of small caliber ammunition and the leading producer of medium and large caliber ammunition and medium caliber weapon systems.

BAE Systems
BAE Systems is a global provider of defense and security products and has about 88,200 employees worldwide. 
BAE delivers a wide range of products and services for air, land and naval forces in addition to sophisticated products in the field of electronics, protective measures, IT solutions and support services. BAE is headquartered in London, England, and counts customers in more than 100 countries.

BAE Systems Hägglunds AB
Armed vehicles from BAE Systems Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, also include the CV90 Armadillo which is designed for operations in snowy and wet areas. The CV90 is capable of driving anywhere and can manage extreme temperatures, as low as –46°C and as high as 50°C, which lends it great mobility and survivability in any terrain or tactic environment.

CRD Protection
CRD offers products and services for riot control, crowd management and object protection.
CRD has representations in more than 13 countries all over the world and delivers to defense units, police forces and private enterprises, among others.
CRD is headquartered in Umeaa, Sweden.

CRD Protection
One of CRD’s main products is the unique cordoning solution TACRION® (Tactical Riot Net). TACRION's high force absorption combined with its low weight, compact design and fast deployment makes it a highly effective solution for perimeter protection. TACRION is a very flexible fencing solution that easily adapts to suit specific customer needs.

Saab AB
Saab delivers state-of-the-art technical products, services and solutions for defense equipment and civilian security to countries all over the world. Among Saab's major markets are the Nordic countries, Europe, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Saab totals about 13,000 employees and has an annual revenue in excess of DKK 20 billion, of which research and development account for about 20 per cent.

Saab AB - Force Protection, Barracuda
Saab Barracuda is the world's leading supplier of products and services within multi-spectral signature management and force protection technology. Saab Barracuda is at the front of research and development within this area and has accumulated solid competence when it comes to optimizing signature management solutions.


Saab AB - Training and Simulation
Saab Training and Simulation comprises system solutions for live, virtual and specifically adapted training equipment.
All solutions build on in-depth knowledge of planning, integration and execution of mission specific training solutions.

Hanwha Techwin
Hanwha Techwin, a subsidiary of the Hanwha Group, develops, produces and delivers products and solutions to the robotics, industry, energy, security and defense markets. Hanwha has totals 4,900+ employees and is headquartered in South Korea. 2011 sales amounted to more than DKK 15 billion.

Hanwha Techwin – Defense
The artillery system, part of the Defense products offered by Hanwha Techwin, comprises among others the K-9 Thunder, a 155 mm self-propelled Howitzer. The K-9 Thunder was originally developed to supplement and later replace the K55 for the United Korean Forces. This product group also includes the K-10 ammunition supply vehicle.
The K-9 features unrivalled mobility, 40 km shooting range and improved supportive fire capacity and personnel protection abilities compared with equivalent products commercially available.
Mobility: Navigation up 60% slopes and 40% inclinations. Shooting range: 42 km when using BB/HE (Base Bleed) ammunition and 55+ km when using HE-RAP ammunition. Supportive fire capacity with fast firing: In position max 30 sec/out max 60 sec. 360° shots from same position. Shot capacity: Rounds: 3 rounds of max 15 sec (MRSI) / Max: 8 rounds/min for 3 min / continuous: 3 rounds/min for 60 min. Personnel protection: Full personnel protection under fire and movement.

TWB Designs Inc. 
TWB Designs produces mobile equipment for disposal of weapons and ammunition. The customers count government authorities, police forces and armed forces.
TWB Designs Inc. is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

TWB Designs Inc.
The environmentally friendly equipment is capable of safely combusting explosives in ammunition up to caliber 0.50 and separating lead from brass for later recycling.

UMS AERO Group specializes in developing innovative flying robot technologies for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Especially, UMS AERO Group focuses on the production and distribution of small and medium sized Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) on a global scale.

Employees at UMS AERO Group are all dedicated experts who have many hours of experience in flying both manned and remotely piloted aircraft systems, thus providing customers with qualified solution development and implementation.
The UMS AERO Group headquarter is located in Baar, Switzerland.

VestGuard UK
VestGuard UK is the largest British producer of crew protection and personal means of protection. The company's more than 8,000 customers in 50 countries come from the military, government and civilian sectors. VestGuard is headquartered in Essex, England.

VestGuard UK
VestGuard UK specializes in the production of equipment protecting against fragment, stabbing and bullets. The company develops standard as well as tailor-made products and places great emphasis on weight and ergonomics.
VestGuard has the capacity to manage orders from a single unit to 100,000 units and can produce up to 4,000 units a week. Furthermore, VestGuard has NIJ certification, among others.



Savox Communications
Savox Communications is focused on providing safety, rescue and communications products and solutions designed for use in demanding environments by Defence, Safety & Security and Industrial users.

Savox Communications
Savox provides integrated defence communications solutions supporting the mounted and dismounted operations - including future soldier systems – and platform intercom systems for both Naval and Land applications. Savox product portfolio, including solutions covering defence, covert users, disaster response and fire and rescue sectors, represents a unique spectrum of products to support military, special forces, public safety, first responders and disaster response personnel, as well as working professionals in their daily operations.

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Norsafe AS
Norsafe is the global market leader in marine life-saving systems for the merchant and offshore markets. Norsafe has grown rapidly over the past 25 years – from a small Norwegian company into a multinational group, with worldwide presence. NORSAFE’s organization has experience and competence beyond the norm, and are able to fulfil all customer's requirements in the best possible way. Norsafe is well prepared to meet future challenges, - a wide range of products, updated state of the art production facilities, innovative technology, a solid financial background and motivated employees, all dedicated to goal number one, - safety.
Norsafe Military And Professional
Norsafe has a wide range of boats for military and professional use, and attention is paid to guarantee the highest quality. Only the best craftsmanship, components and materials are used. The boats are specially designed to operate away from shore or the mother ship for extended periods of time.
Combining superb seaworthiness, maneuverability and high speed, the boats are ideal for all types of assistance, patrols and other special applications. The layout and performance of the boats allow wide ranging functions, including operations in hostile areas.

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